How do you get a different perspective or break through inner obstacles? How to negotiate your teenager’s curfew or perhaps a raise at work? Find inspiration here, helping you get to Yes in all areas of your life.

William Ury has dedicated his life’s work to negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution. Best-selling author of Getting to Yes and Getting to Yes with Yourself (HarperCollins, 2015), Ury is actively involved in projects that promote peace on a personal, family, business, community, national, and global level.


Abraham Path

 The Abraham Path is a cultural route celebrating a journey made 4,000 years ago by Abraham and his family. The path retraces the cultural memory of that journey based on the power of Story, Walking and Hospitality. The path is a work in progress, literally growing step by step in various regions throughout the Middle East. 

The purpose of the Abraham Path is to inspire hope for humanity. You can support the initiative by walking along the path, by sharing your journey, and/or by giving financial support.

To learn more about the Abraham Path visit the Abraham Path website, or watch William’s Tedx Talk: The Walk From No to Yes.


Climate Parliament

The Climate Parliament is an international organization dedicated to preventing climate change and promoting renewable energy. Comprised of legislators from around the world, as well as a panel of experts and researchers, the Climate Parliament aims to help accelerate the switch to renewable energy at the speed and scale needed to prevent catastrophic damage to the environment.

Learn more about the Climate Parliament.

Additional Resources from Harvard
At the Program on Negotiation, co-founder William Ury conducts research, writes, teaches, speaks, and works on a variety of peace-building projects. Learn more about the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School:

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