3 Ways to Get A Raise

Yes, the economy is improving, but wages? Well, they’re stuck in time. According to the Labor Department, wages haven’t budged much at all. Median weekly wages for Americans last year were $796. In 2013, the weekly wage was $794.

If you feel like Dwight Shrute (Rainn Wilson) from ‘The Office’ and will stop at nothing to get a raise, we have some tips on how you can go about it. When it comes time for his performance review, Dwight makes posters, prepares an outlandish speech, and pumps himself up in the office’s hallway in an attempt to bolster his chances at receiving a raise. Some of his prep work is actually pretty smart and may help you land that pay increase.

William Ury, author and cofounder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, sat down with Yahoo Finance to talk about the best way to negotiate a raise.

Here are some of his tips.

1) Go to the balcony: Think of it as a mental time-out. Step away and focus on your goal.

2) Rehearse: Meet with a friend. Go over your pitch. Why are you deserving of a raise?

3) Prepare Put yourself in your supervisor’s shoes. Think about how you can help your boss, so that your boss can help you.

What if your boss says no?

1) Don’t take no for an answer: Take no as an opportunity. Find out what’s behind the no. Ask, why no? Learn the reason.

2) Brainstorm: Figure out a creative way to solve or at least address the reason behind the no.

3) Meet the Objection: No might be an opportunity to find out what’s the real objection. Once the objection is known, meet it and you may find yourself with more money.

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