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Tami Simon engages in a profound conversation with renowned mediator and bestselling author William Ury about his new book, “Possible,” and the invaluable insights he has gleaned through more than four decades of conflict-resolution across the globe. William Ury emphasizes that a healthy relationship, whether between individuals or nations, is not one in which everyone agrees, but rather one where it’s safe for differences and where we possess the skills to honor all of our needs.

Throughout the discussion, Tami and William explore crucial concepts such as meeting animosity with curiosity, shifting perspective through the metaphor of the balcony, and the importance of self-observation. William shares his wisdom on how more silence leads to greater cooperation and the common pitfalls of the “3A trap”: avoid, accommodate, or attack.

The conversation also delves into the link between creativity and conflict, the significance of listening over speaking in negotiation, and the art of reaching “second order agreement.” William introduces the concept of creating a “golden bridge” across our divides, the notion of universal needs, and the powerful question, “What do you really want?”

Whether you’re navigating personal relationships or professional challenges, this podcast offers essential tools and insights for cultivating humble audacity, bringing in the “third side,” and the crucial role of reconciliation in resolving conflicts and creating possible outcomes.

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