Must We Fight? From the Battlefield to the Schoolyard—A New Perspective on Violent Conflict and Its Prevention

Must_We_Fight-coverIs violence a necessary, predictable part of the human condition?

In Must We Fight, William Ury and a panel of experts from various scientific disciplines present groundbreaking research and insight into human nature that says “no.” Humankind isn’t destined to continue endless cycles of violence.

This landmark book introduces the concept of “The Third Side,” which is the community in which the people fighting and their disputes are embedded. This negotiation and mediation model has been proven to end conflict and unite communities.

In Must We Fight, you’ll learn how to:

  • resolve conflict
  • prevent individual and group violence
  • empower yourself and your community
  • mobilize your community for positive change

Must We Fight also includes a simulation of a real-life racial incident that took place at a public high school. In this negotiation simulation, you’ll be challenged to make decisions and seek resolutions, which you can then compare to those made by the school administrator who handled the incident.

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