Abraham Path

An Ancient Path of Kindness

After night has fallen, the sacred fish ponds of Sanlıurfa are smooth black mirrors reflecting the backlit Ottoman arches of Rızvaniye Mosque. The effect is only distorted by the occasional ripple trembling across the surface as one of the fat, silky carps that inhabit the pond patrol the depths below. During the day, these pampered pets of the city gorge themselves on offerings from visiting pilgrims. Their wide, ugly mouths rise to the edge of the pool, in a wrestling match of belly- flopping bodies, as an all-you-can-eat buffet of fish pellets rains ...

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O Caminho Da Paz

Um novo roteiro está conquistando andarilhos: o Caminho de Abraão misto de viagem turístico, historíca e cultural, com paisagens lindas e pausa para reflexão... Leia o artigo >>      

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From Turmoil To Tourism

The aim of the Abraham Path Initiative is to establish a secure and sustainable walking trail re-tracing the footsteps of Abraham across the Middle East. Listen here to an interview with William Ury, founder of the Abraham Path by host Mark Sommer. https://soundcloud.com/user-897570565/world-of-possibilities-interview-on-the-abraham-path-february-2nd-2008

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