Executive Book Club in Conversation with William Ury

The path to inclusion begins with a single step.  And a deeply listening ear.

I recently sat down with William Ury to explore his life’s work, his philosophy on the world around him, and the deeper soul yearning that keeps his books fresh and relevant to him and his millions of readers.

Yes, I said millions.  William’s first book Getting To Yes (co-authored with his mentor Roger Fisher) is the world’s bestselling book on negotiation, has sold 12 million copies in English and has been translated into 34 languages.

I featured his latest book Getting To Yes With Yourself in Episode 13, so be sure to listen to that too.

So…what fresh questions does one ask the man who’s literally written the book on principled negotiation?  And where did our conversation take us?

In less than an hour, we managed to romp through dusty Middle Eastern walking trails, 20th Century American poets, globalization, truth-seeking leaders, cross-cultural integration and the inner homework that can help you navigate grief, tragedy and loss.  And that’s just the tip of our rich conversational iceberg.

It was truly one of my most delightful hours in conversation with a like-minded soul.

And it’s a huge thrill to share this episode with you.  May it help you get to yes with yourself and others.

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