Getting to Yes With Yourself Awarded Silver Medal

Getting to Yes with Yourself awarded silver medal by Independent Publisher’s Axiom Business Book Awards.

Announcing the 2016 Axiom Business Book Awards Results

Congratulations to the medalists in the 2016 Axiom Business Book Awards!

In August of 2007, Jenkins Group launched the Axiom Awards, “designed to honor the year’s best business books and their authors and publishers.” Now, nine years later, we announce the winners of the ninth annual, 2016 Axiom Business Book Awards, honoring the year’s best business books, their authors, and publishers.

The 76 medals went to publishers and authors representing 17 U.S. states; 2 Canadian provinces; and United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The Axiom Business Book Awards are intended to bring increased recognition to exemplary business books and their creators, with the understanding that business people are an information-hungry segment of the population, eager to learn about great new books that will inspire them and help them improve their careers and businesses.

Thanks to all for your participation and congratulations to the medalists!


GOLD: Serial Winner: 5 Actions to Create Your Cycle of Success, by Larry Weidel (Greenleaf Book Group)

SILVER (tie): Getting to Yes with Yourself (and Other Worthy Opponents), by William Ury (HarperOne)

The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want out of Life and Work, by Dr. Alan R. Zimmerman (Greenleaf Book Group)

BRONZE (tie): Storytelling at Work: How Moments of Truth on the Job Reveal the Real Business of Life, by Mitch Ditkoff (Idea Champions Press)

Activate Your Brain: How Understanding Your Brain can Improve Your Work-and Your Life, by Scott G. Halford (Greenleaf Book Group)

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