episode description

In a time when divisions seem deeper than ever, Guy Raz of the TED Radio Hour explores how we can bridge the gaps that separate us with insights from a renowned expert in conflict resolution, William Ury. Co-author of the seminal book “Getting To Yes,” Ury brings decades of experience mediating in some of the world’s toughest conflicts to offer a hopeful perspective on transforming destructive disagreements into constructive dialogue.

William Ury shares his experiences from negotiating global conflicts, providing practical strategies for shifting from adversarial confrontation to collaborative problem-solving. He emphasizes the importance of community involvement—the “third side”—in resolving conflicts and explains how everyone can play a constructive role in fostering peace. Ury’s wisdom offers a roadmap for those feeling anxious about the current state of our world, highlighting the potential for reconciliation and cooperation even in the most challenging times.

Key Topics:

  • William Ury’s insights on the increasing polarization in society
  • The role of mediation in resolving conflicts
  • Practical strategies for constructive dialogue
  • The importance of community involvement in conflict resolution

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