In Conversation With William Ury – Walking The Path To Inclusion

Our interview series begins with a delightful conversation with William Ury, one of the world’s best-known and most influential experts on negotiation. His awe-inspiring body of work includes 8 books that cover negotiation from just about every important angle, a global career that has seen him assist in conflicts that range from civil wars to boardroom battles, and a deep love for nature that inspires his work and his innovative projects.

From his first bestselling book ‘Getting To Yes’ to his most recent written treat ‘Getting To Yes With Yourself’, William Ury’s frameworks, philosophies and stories have delighted millions of grateful readers worldwide.

William is cofounder of the Harvard Negotiation Project, and founder of the Abraham Path Initiative.

Executive Coach Maya Mathias interviews this masterful negotiator to understand his life’s work, his practical philosophy and the circle of support that lifts him up along his path.


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