Start With Yourself: A conversation with William Ury and Simon Sinek

Join William Ury, negotiations expert and co-author of the seminal text on negotiations, Getting to Yes, as well as the brand new Getting to Yes with Yourself (, as he sits down with Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last and the star of one of TED’s most popular TED Talks, to discuss what it truly means to get to yes with oneself.

In this exchange, Bill and Simon cover topics ranging from what it means to put yourself in your own shoes, to learning how to take a trip to the balcony. Via anecdotes and thought-provoking insights, this conversation will help you better understand how you are in control of your own happiness, be it personally or professionally, and how you can change the stakes and tone of the external negotiations you participate in by first changing the internal game.

From, this discussion, you can learn how to make your life better, your relationships healthier, your family happier, your work more productive, and the world around you more peaceful.

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