The Abraham Path City Club Talk

The journey of Abraham is a collection of stories from a wide variety of scriptural and oral traditions, as well as scholarly sources. There is no evidence on the exact route of this journey. No scripture is detailed enough to recreate Abraham and his family’s specific path through the Middle East. More profoundly, there is no historic or archeological evidence that some 4,000 years ago, a man called Abraham existed. There is abundant evidence, however, that Abraham exists today in the memory and traditions of all people in the Middle East, and for billions of people outside the region. The path thus follows the anthropological Abraham, symbolically tracing the memory and wisdom of his journey across the Middle East.

City Club welcomes William Ury, Founder and Chairperson of the Abraham Path Initiative and Rick White, Board Member of the API. William and Rick will talk about the origins of the path, its development over the last ten years and how this thousand year project began here in Boulder. Rick will share his motivation, as a major partner in a Boulder based investment firm, to invest his time and treasure in the Path.

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