About William Ury

Best-selling author and speaker William Ury helps people get to Yes in all areas of life, from family feuds to boardroom battles, everyday disagreements to global conflicts. Getting to Yes, a worldwide bestseller, has almost twelve million copies in print and has been translated into thirty...
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What others say

  • "The world's biggest shared secret is that most of us say yes when we really want to say no, in both our professional and private lives. Bill Ury generously provides us with insights and techniques to turn this malady into win-win solutions."
    John Naisbitt, author of Megatrends
  • “William Ury is a true master of his craft. Wise and realistic, noble and practical, brilliant and approachable, Ury has created a definitive body of work on how we can get to yes in our conflicted world. ”
    Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, and co-author of Built to Last and Great by Choice
  • “Ury examines the myths about violence and offers some surprising insights and solutions…into the nature of human conflict...”
    Publishers Weekly
  • “Bill Ury has a remarkable ability to get to the heart of a dispute and find simple but innovative ways to resolve it."
    President Jimmy Carter

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Is Peace Possible in the 21st Century?

How to work with collective trauma?

Getting to Yes Tips

How do you get a different perspective or break through inner obstacles? How to negotiate your teenager’s curfew or perhaps a raise at work? Find inspiration here, helping you get to Yes in all areas of your life...


Hear William

William Ury is one of the world's best-known experts on negotiation and mediation, on a personal level, business level, and global level. Listen to William's talks, presentations, and tips on how to Get to Yes here...


Abraham Path

National Geographic Traveler names Abraham Path as one of the 10 best new walking trails in the world... more

Story of the Path

The Story of the Abraham Path
William Ury co-founded the Abraham Path, a walking trail and cultural route in the Middle East that retraces the steps of Abraham and his family. In 2006, an eclectic group of twenty-five people from around the world embarked on a trip...

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Connect to the Path

Connect to the Abraham Path
The purpose of the Abraham Path is to inspire understanding, prosperity, and hope for humanity. You can support the initiative by walking a section of the 400+ kilometer trail, by sharing your journey, and/or by giving financial support.

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News on the Path

The World Bank Features the Abraham Path

The World Bank Features the Abraham Path: Can Tourism Alleviate Poverty and Boost Shared Prosperity?
A walking path that follows the historic route of Abraham, a central figure in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam...

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