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How We Survive (and Thrive) in an Age of Conflict

About The Book

How can we navigate today’s conflicts when they seem impossible?

Based on four and a half decades of grappling with the toughest conflicts around the globe, world-renowned negotiator, anthropologist, and bestselling author William Ury offers a revolutionary new mindset that will forever change the way you see and deal with conflict.

Conflict is on the rise everywhere. It is polarizing us, poisoning our relationships, and paralyzing our ability to work together. It threatens everything we value — from our families to our workplaces, from our democracy to the world.

But while we can’t resolve every conflict, we can transform them. All it takes is a new approach: Ury invites each of us to become more than just optimists or pessimists, but rather possibilists who find creative ways to turn toxic confrontation into collaborative problem-solving.

With game-changing results, Ury has used this approach on frontline conflicts ranging from the Cold War to Kentucky coal strikes, from boardroom battles to US partisan strife, from ending civil wars to his own family negotiations. It will also work for you.

Whether you’re facing a family feud, a workplace dispute, or a political crisis, POSSIBLE will give you a powerful, practical framework for turning any challenge into an opportunity.

Part memoir, part manual, part manifesto, POSSIBLE offers a unique approach that can help you harness your full potential to take on even your toughest issues.

If we can transform our conflicts, we can transform our lives — and our world.

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